Yoga For Athletes

yoga-for-sportswith Suzanne McCahill Perrine

Thursdays, July 31-September 4

Yoga is a perfect compliment for the athlete and it’s great cross-training! The sports we love to perform can make us overdeveloped in certain areas, and some muscles can therefore be strong and powerful while others may be weakened. Understanding your body and knowing how to find more balance can radically improve your athletic performance while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of sports related injuries.  This class will address common imbalances in popular sports like running, cycling, golfing, and swimming.  Gardeners will love it too! Students will be given special attention to specific muscle groups as well as breath work to help improve lung capacity and exercises to develop core strength and spinal stability and flexibility.  Although this class is geared toward athletes, anyone can come to get a clear understanding of the biomechanics of the body and learn how to safely stretch and lengthen specific areas and find strength in others.  No need to be a pretzel!

*All are welcome who absolutely quake with trepidation at the idea of stretching and laugh at the notion of bending over to tough their toes!

$60 through July 26
$66 after and at the door


Kundalini Yoga Workshop Series

kundalini-yoga-workshop-serieswith Siri Amrita

Yoga – Meditation – Community – Food
Three Mini-Retreats on Saturdays from 1-4 pm
Join Us for One or All-Three
July 19: Breathe In The Quiet Center
August 2: Amazing Grace
August 9: Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Heart

This trio of Kundalini Yoga workshops is totally open to being taken individually, or all three can be enjoyed as a “package”. Following yoga exercises, pranayama, deep yogic relaxation and meditation, participants will eat together and chat, grounding and integrating the energies and experiences of the preceding class.

These mini-retreats in our often too-busy lives are a perfect time out just to “be”. No prior experience with Kundalini Yoga is required and these workshops will be appropriate for all levels of flexibility.

$40/person in advance/$45 at the door.
Preregister by July 16 and attend all three workshops for $111


Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga Masterclass

prana-flow-vinyasa-yoga-masterclasswith Devon Sweeney
Friday, August 1, 6-7:15pm

Join Devon, former instructor for The Center, who is back in town all the way from Colorado! She will teach a Rasa Vinyasa Prana Flow Masterclass, showcasing the signature style of Vinyasa yoga she teaches. Rasa is a concept within yoga and dance which guides the practitioner’s energetic intention throughout their practice. This practice will embody Vira Rasa- the spirit of the warrior. We will go through a high energy vinyasa practice which will bring us into an experience of intelligent flow, focus, clarity, and fiercely *loving* energy. Vira rasa practice allows us to explore the power that lies within in us with humility, confidently stepping out into the world to gracefully share this strength. Come catch up with Devon, or meet her for the first time! We look forward to seeing you on the mat. All Levels are Welcome!

$10 early, $13 at the door.


Student Story from The Center: Matt Batton

Come to The Center on any given day and you’ll probably meet Matt. An extremely kind and dedicated student, find out how his journey started and has blossomed into something incredible.


“What I like about The Center is the variety of instruction, the different instructors and the different types of classes that are offered… I feel better now than I did ten years ago; and I look better! I’m learning, it’s the whole “process” thing; it’s putting me [in] the process of just being calmer. I tend towards [being] high strung, that’s my nature… and yoga is helping just to pull back, to respond and not react… Action and re-action, phew! That’s hard for me… But what I [learn] here I can take out of here [into my life]… I definitely get in touch with that unknown “whatever it is” here… And whatever it is, it’s working and it seems to be working for a lot of people. I feel at home here… The teachers and the community of students just go [together]. I can’t overstate that aspect of it.”

Matt Batton is our current featured “Student of The Center”. Curious about what else he has to say? Read the rest here or even better, stop by the studio to say hi, have a great class,  and meet him and other fantastic students!

Have something to say about The Center? Let us know! We’d love to chat.

Photo credit: Brian Ripley Photography


Loving Within: Women’s Yoga and Meditation Retreat

with Mary Straub Pargas and Suzanne McCahill Perrine


October 23-26, 2014

In the heart of every woman lies a deep well of wisdom, compassion, skill and serenity. Mary brings an impressive legacy to fruition in this powerful workshop with 6 advanced level teaching certifications, developed over 15 years. Suzanne is a lovely balanced fusing a joy of yoga, on and off the mat.

Surrounded by nature, tap into the inner self
• Reveal the power and wisdom of every woman
• Unveil your most authentic self
• Uncover and face inner obstacles

Appropriate for all ages, capabilities and spiritual paths, see the reflection of your fullest potential as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and friends.

Tuition $275. Add three nights accommodation.  Follow this link for more information or to register online.  Namaste.

INTEGRAL YOGA ACADEMY | 1-800-858-9642 | |
Located in central Virginia: 40 mi. south of Charlottesville, 75 mi. west of Richmond, 150 mi. southwest of Washington, DC

I really like The Center for giving me challenging and enriching yoga but also being at the human level. – Becca

Welcome to The Center of downtown Harrisonburg.  A place to feel safe, encouraged, and challenged since 2006.  A place to be with neighbors.  Make friends. Feel connected.  We have the most well-trained, devoted, and top instructors in the area and offer the most wide range of Yoga styles for yogis of all levels and ages.  We passionately understand that Yoga offers all bodies the chance to feel stronger, more balanced, and more comfortable.  Even more importantly, we know how Yoga can improve your overall sense of peacefulness.  Come visit.  Enjoy your journey to the center.