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Private Yoga & Thai Yoga Bodywork

Yoga can be powerfully healing. Whether you’re looking to deal with chronic pain, bring more movement and balance into your body, relive stress, or simply find ways to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, private yoga can be an incredible tool. Suzanne McCahill Perrine brings to her teaching and guidance over 10 years of yoga study and experience. Additionally, Suzanne is a certified Pilates instructor and Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner. One-on-one sessions can be catered to each student’s individual needs, desires, physical abilities, and time constraints, fusing together individual sessions that can blend physical postures, alignment, strengthening techniques, meditation, breath-work, and Thai Yoga Bodywork (an ancient blend of yoga, massage, and energy work.)

This is a great choice if you experience:

  • neck or shoulder pain
  • back pain
  • knee or other joint issues
  • trouble balancing
  • chronic fatigue or stress

Looking for something special for a small group of 3, 4, or more? We can also arrange to have individual classes for a wedding party, your workplace, or help make a family event really memorable.

Email suzanne@thecenterdowntown.org

Semi-Private Sessions: 60 minutes $65

Semi-Private Sessions: 90 minutes $90

Private Session: 60 minutes $60

Privates 5-Pack: 60 minute $285.00

Privates 10-Pack: 60 minutes $540.00

Private Session: 90 minutes $80

Privates 5-Pack:90 minutes $380.00

Privates 10-Pack: 90 minutes $720.00