A Special New Year Kundalini Yoga

8-Classes with Siri Amrita
February 9, 12, 23 & 26

We have all known fear. There may have been occasions when fear for our physical safety has literally saved our lives. However, far more frequently, we experience emotional and psychic fear which cripples us and prevents us from living most effectively, loving exuberantly and taking those risks which allow us to walk a path of bliss. Playing safe can become a habit and over enough time, we may become so small as to almost disappear. A new year is upon us– are we ready to claim who we really are, face our shadow-self and step out in the direction of our destiny and dreams? Let’s do this together, using applied and powerful Kundalini Yoga (As Taught by Yogi Bhajan).

This class meets on select Monday and Friday evenings from 6-7:30. Students are encouraged to register for the entire series, but drop-in students are welcome, too.


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