Summertime Cooldown

with Connie Magee
Saturday, August 12 6:00-8:00 PM

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Chill out with some Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga. Summer’s intensity can be draining…refill your tank during a restful meditation, gentle asanas and supported Savasana to receive the sound bath and direct placement of the bowls on the body. This 5000 year old therapy profoundly affects the nervous system, down to the cellular level.

Divine vibrations of Tibetan and crystal Singing Bowls enables you to enter a deep, alpha-theta brainwave state, in which healing is stimulated at the cellular level.

Resonating with the eternal sound of the planet – AUM – singing bowls provide meditative, therapeutic & transformational healing. Emotional balance is restored and your senses sharpened. The rich blend of harmonic overtones have direct effect on the Chakras. Their rich sonic vibrations alter our sense of space, mind and time. You will leave deeply relaxed, with a settled mind and enjoy restful sleep. No experience necessary. Wear loose, comfy clothes and drink water to prepare.