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Foundations of Yoga

with Keri Sue Brunk
Four Weeks on Thursdays: June 8 - 29

Are You Ready to Feel Good in Your Body Again? Are you curious about yoga and wondered what all the talk was about? Do you feel unsure but that voice inside your head is urging you to go for it?

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The Lovers, The Dreamers & Me -A July Kundalini Series

A 4-session Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Siri Amrita on Perceiving the Wonder, Mystery and Magic of Life

July Series
Friday 7th, Monday 10th, Monday 17th, Friday 21st
6-7:45 PM

A 4 session Kundalini Yoga (As Taught by Yogi Bhajan) Summer Series in which we will apply KY kriya (asana sequences), pranayama and mantra/meditation to increase our sensitivity and our creativity.

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I am a Rock. I am an Island (or maybe I am a tree?)

A 4-session Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Siri Amrita on How to Stand in your Peace in the Midst of the Fiercest Storm

August Series
Monday 31st July, Friday 4th, Monday 7th, Friday 11th
6-7:45 PM

A 4 session Summer Series focused on tools that can help us retain a state of internal calm despite physical, emotional and mental challenges.

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