20 in 30

20 in 30

Holidaze are coming!

Join in on our New November Commit to Practice Challenge, Starting November 1!

Welcome the holidays with healthy habits and enjoy your strong and healthy body, chill mind, and open heart. Is that even possible, you ask? More Information


The holiday season is coming and we know what that means! More celebrations, more food, more places to be…more stress. AND, let’s face it, less time on your yoga mat!

Welcome the holidays with healthy habits! Enjoy your strong and healthy body, chill mind, and open heart. Is that even possible, you ask?

Well…take the challenge and find out! It may be the best gift you get (and give) all season!


That’s easy. Take 20 classes in the 30 days of November. Sign-up ahead of time to commit to the challenge. Feel how incredible it is to make yoga a regular habit and put it on the top of your list. You might even get MORE done over the holidays with your increased energy and easy-go-lucky mindset (or decide that some of the stuff you’re worrying about just isn’t ALL THAT important.) Once you finish a class, you can mark yourself off on our collective board with a star. Who doesn’t like stars?!


Why should you take on this challenge aside from feeling strong, grounded, and unflappable, even in the midst of the Holidaze?! How about….


Finish 20 classes in 30 Days during November and you’ll be entered in a raffle to win two-months of unlimited yoga, a yoga mat, a tee or tank, OR a One-Hour Thai Yoga Bodywork Session with Suzanne. And, for every class OVER 20, you get entered again! Pretty sweet deal.

To Make it Easy:

You may want to consider becoming a member if you haven’t already. It makes classes affordable and keeps us committed to the over-all well-being and is a true act of self-care! You can check out our membership options.

You can sign up at the studio or email Suzanne to let us know you want to play!
suzanne@thecenterdowntown.org or call 540-383-0438