Aging with Grace

with Suzanne McCahill Perrine
Saturday, March 20, 10:30-11:30 ET on Zoom

So many of us are wanting to talk more about aging gracefully. We are living longer as a society, and yet, like never before, we have choices we can make every day that will enhance our lives so we can live to be stronger and live more fully in the bodies we have!

Sure, on the one hand, we expect things to be different. Our physiology is changing every day. We are absolutely not the person we were yesterday.

And that’s ok. Our bodies may be a little stiffer, skin a little dryer, tastes a little simpler, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to feel strong and full of vim and vigor! That doesn’t mean we can’t actually improve our health as we age, because we absolutely can feel better now than we ever have.

It’s as important to notice what our body is telling us about the aging process AND what our mind is saying. That’s what really slows us down!

So, let’s talk.

This workshop is going to be offered in two ways. You can enjoy a:

    1-hour workshop AND
    3-part video series you could watch on your own

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