Ayurveda Training & Workshops

A four-part weekend for yoga teachers or curious students of yoga and life
with Suzanne McCahill Perrine
March 25 & 26

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Ayurveda is the study of life.

This beautiful art and science emerged several thousand years ago in India and is one of the first and longest-lasting systematic healing practices. And there’s a reason why it’s still around and practiced today. It really works and can have profound positive effects on our physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual health. Though Ayurveda can at first seem confusing when seen for its different parts, it can actually be beautifully simple. Ayurveda studies the whole person and our unique relationship to nature and all aspects of life.

Yoga and Ayurveda are really two sides of a coin, and really ought not be separated. And yet, most yoga teachers and students of yoga are less familiar with the teachings and practices of this ancient art and are missing out on radiant health!

This training is for yoga teachers or curious seekers who are looking to infuse some of the basic teachings into their life and be able to share them with their students, family, and friends.

Participants will not only gain simple tools to infuse into daily life but each person will also begin to design daily practices (dinacharya.) These practices will help us to relieve stress, strengthen our digestion, honor our daily rhythms, sleep better, and strengthen our immune system. You will each become more in tune with the rhythms of nature – on the inside and out. It’s the ultimate loving practice of svadhyaya or self-study.

Most importantly you’ll get to know yourself better so you can show up as a teacher, parent, co-worker, counselor, lover, or friend more fully and completely.

Details for the weekend:
This four-part weekend can be taken as a whole (recommended) or students can take any of the workshops individually. Yoga Alliance CEC’s can be applied.

March 25
10-1:00 Part 1: An Overview: History & Philosophy
2-:5:00 Part 2: Asana & Pranayama

March 26
10-1:00 Part 3: Digestion, Food, Agni & Ama
2-5:00 Part 4: Self-Care/Dinacharya

Payment and CEC’s:

  • The full Weekend is $270 (SAVE $35 through March 10).
  • Each Individual Workshop if $75 (SAVE $10 on each through March 10)
  • Participants will receive digital handouts/manuals for the workshops they are attending.
  • CEC’s are also available through Yoga Alliance for RYT’s.
  • 3 credits per workshop (12 total for the entire weekend)