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Trauma Informed Yoga Group

in Collaboration with The Collins Center
January 25-March 1

A six week workshop of trauma-informed yoga practice designed for women who have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime.

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Dance Temple

with Connie Magee & Lisa Adams
March 30

Dance Temple is an ecstatic dance offering that lasts 90 minutes overall. That time includes some light ceremony/circling up at the beginning to set boundaries and guidelines for a safe container, and at the end to reinforce connection, help with grounding, and impart a sense of closure.

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Mala Making for the Budding Meditator

with Susan Nelson
Sunday, March 25 from 1-3:00pm

Springtime Mala Making with beads in the hues of the season with Sue Nelson!

You’ve seen them in yoga studios. You’ve seen them worn as spiritual jewelry. And you have even seen them held by the Buddha. What are these mysterious bead chains? Where do they come from? Who uses them? And how can they help with meditation?

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Healing Loss & Grief Through Yoga

Join Jennifer Cottrell for this Unique and Healing Four-Week Series.
Four Sundays in October, starting Oct 7

Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, a friend, a job, or divorce – grief can be all consuming. This 4 class workshop will explore a variety of yoga poses (asana), meditation techniques (including yoga nidra), and breath work (pranayama) to help find peace and contentment.

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Celebrate the Spring Equinox With 108 Sun Salutations

with Jason Nichols
Tuesday, March 20 from 5:30-7:00pm

Celebrate the first day of spring with 108 sun salutations. This class will be in place of the regularly scheduled Vinyasa 2. Be prepared to challenge yourself, doubt yourself, and amaze yourself when class is over. Class will repeat the traditional Sun Salutation A aka: Surya Namaskar A. There will be modifications and options to choose from. Feel free to bring water and your favorite towel.

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Autoimmune Wellness Workshop

with Jennifer Cottrell, RTY-500
Sunday, September 30 from 1 - 3pm

Find freedom from autoimmune disorder symptoms through Yoga.

Join Jennifer Cottrell, RTY-500 and Yoga Therapist for a two hour workshop, designed for people with autoimmune disorders. Yoga can help ease symptoms of these chronic illnesses such as pain, stress, and depression, and can create a sense of peace and wellbeing.

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Healing Fire & Connecting to Life

with Tilak Pyle
Saturday, September 30

Healing Fire: Personal Empowerment and the Gateway to the Heart

Connecting to Life: Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

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Trauma Informed Yoga Training

with Kath Meadows and Whitney Ingram
Saturday and Sunday, February 17 and 18
10:00am to 6:00pm

Participants will gain an accessible understanding of the science of trauma and learn how yoga can assist in healing. We will practice trauma informed yoga techniques and gain sensitivity to make your teachings all inclusive. Additionally, guidance will be offered in self care for longevity in working with trauma populations and inspiration for yoga activism.

This 16 Hour workshop is a Yoga Alliance approved offering and all students will receive a certificate of completion.

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Burn the Bird

with Sarah Lopacinski
Friday, November 23 10-12:00

How about a huge helping of gratitude?! Join Sarah for our 12th Annual Burn the Bird Class, an uplifting and powerful practice that is sure to heat things up and cleanse your body and spirit!

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Embrace the Chill

with Stuart Bishop
Saturday, February 3, 2-3:30pm

Join guest teacher, Stuart Bishop, for Embrace Your Chill to get your body warmed up and out of hibernation mode. Stuart (@stuiestyle_yoga) will lead you through a 90 minute vinyasa flow class with the chillest of playlists that you won’t want to miss.

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Third Annual Birthday Offering for Siri Amrita of Aquarian Age Sadhana as taught by Yogi Bhajan

We will once again gather at The Center in the wee sweet morning hours. Experience is not requisite- come be with us as we practice and sing together at this magical time.

4:00AM – 6:30AM
(Then let’s go to The Little Grill for brekkie!)
Sunday 9th December, 2018

For safety, you must register online in advance so we know to expect you. The downstairs building access door will be open from 3.30 to 3.55AM only.

This is a free event– however, donations will be gratefully accepted for the IceHouse Love Project.

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Fall Equinox 2017- Celebrating Women!

Journey Within, To Rise Above!
Sunday, September 24th, 9 am – 12 noon

Please bring yoga mat, journal, colored markers/pencils. This workshop will include:

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (modifications provided), Deep Relaxation, Vedic Teachings and Psycho-Education about the Unique Design and Strengths of a Woman, Uplifting Discussions and Practical Support Tools for the Busy Modern Woman
  • Ayurvedic Women’s Health Teachings on Seasonal Nutrition, Foods & Recipes for Fall Balance, Holistic Support for Hormonal Balance for Women of All Ages, Tools for Inner Centering, & Nurturing our Natural Feminine Life Cycles
  • Community Ear Acupuncture (optional) to Relieve Stress and Trauma; Access your Inner Peace more directly when you receive the needles to reset and relax the organs and systems that are adversely affected by stress and trauma

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DRUMSTORY: A Magical Evening of Wisdom Stories & Drumming

with John De Kadt
Monday, September 25 7-9:00pm

Story means "store house. When a story possesses reminders and meaning needed during challenging times they become wisdom stories, sacred stories or places of treasured remembrance. It is then, when we have lost our way, that we can reach back into the "store house" of our ancestors to remember and revision what it is we burn for and how to awaken.

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