Cold Weather Chats: Workshops and Talks for Warm You Up!

Get Cozy & Stay Healthy

Saturday, October 19

Monday, October 28

Sweater weather is here! As the temperature drops and breezes blow, do you ever feel scattered or over-stimulated? This can really put a strain on our immune system as it struggles to keep us healthy. Well, there’s a reason for it! In Ayurveda (which means Life Knowledge in sanskrit) this time of year is called the vata season. Join us for this 60 minute workshop to talk about why we feel this way AND learn about the art of abhyanga (self-massage – but our clothes will stay on!), along with other useful techniques and food choices to keep ourselves healthy, warm and balanced during this time of year. We’ll sip Golden Milk at we chat. Everyone will go home with a recipe and a bottle of massage oil with a perfect blend of essential oils for the season. Cost: $10

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Holiday Survival Guide

with Suzanne McCahill Perrine
Thursday, November 14

Anyone else out there feel overwhelmed over the holidays with so much abundance? We may love the celebrations, fun events and lively gatherings, but sometimes, it can be overwhelming. In this 60-minute workshop we will explore some ways to use principles from Yoga & Ayurveda to navigate this busy time of year so we can maintain our sanity (and our waistlines!) Zero yoga experience necessary. Just bring yourself (and a friend!) and a desire to exhale and relax.


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Eat Earlier (and Feel like a superhero!)

with Suzanne McCahill Perrine
Tuesday, December 10

Saturday, December 14

Do you ever wake up feeling achy, sluggish, or fuzzy headed? Well, if you it could be what you ate last night! The time of day we eat and has a direct correlation on how well we digest food, This can play a huge role in how we feel when you wake up! Ready to leap tall buildings?

Come join in for this 60-minute talk and get to know more about your agni (digestive fire) and ama(the stuff that makes us feel stiff and sluggish). Participants will also get some recipes to take home to help you feel lighter, more clear headed and youthful!


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