Elemental Sound Healing Journey: Autumnal Equinox Fire Element Gong Bath

with Connie Magee
1. Wednesday, Sept. 22 – FIRE
2. Saturday, Oct. 9 – EARTH
3. Thursday, Nov. 11- AIR
4. Friday, Dec. 3 – WATER

Join Connie Magee for a shamanic sound journey to the roots of our Beingness- working with the Elementals. Before any religion, spiritual tradition, or cosmology, there were only The Elements. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Ether. We work with the Elements to reconnect to our true, essential nature. The Elements can only be what they are- fully surrendered to their true nature. Within a container of guided meditation, breath, and sound healing, Connie guides us into discovering more of our own true essence. No experience is necessary.

To understand the transformative power of the Fire Element, we must become fire. A movement practice melds into guided meditation and fire ritual within a deep gong bath and sound healing journey. No experience is necessary. Bring nest materials- pillow, eye mask, any item sacred to you or which represents fire/transformation. We open the ceremony with a fire invocation, inviting the Original Ancestor Element to guide us into our true nature.

$30 for Each Workshop
Space is limited to just 10 for these special workshops.

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