Embodied Vitality: A 10-Week Course

with Suzanne McCahill Perrine
Course begins January 8, 2020!

We will meet online every Wednesday from 1-2:00. Discussions will be recorded in case participants have to miss a meeting.

This 10-Week course is a great fit for you if:

  • You crave deeper sleep and more ease
  • You feel stiff, slow-moving or sluggish in the morning
  • You feel easily anxious or irritable
  • You want more energy
  • You feel out of touch with your body or want to lose weight
  • You’re looking for deeper personal connection and friendships
  • You feel stuck or unmotivated
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You’re ready to take charge of your health

What’s Included:

  • Weekly online group meetings
  • Videos to help guide you
  • E-book full or readings, recipes and worksheets
  • 1 Daylong Retreat
  • 2 Personal Coaching Calls
  • 2 Weekly Yoga Classes at The Center Yoga*
  • Downloadable meditations and online yoga with me
  • Monthly in-person gatherings or field trips
  • Accountability buddy (optional)
  • Facebook Forum
  • Radiant longevity and rejuvenation

What you’ll gain from this course:

  • Synchronicity with the daily rhythms of nature
  • Improved digestion, deeper sleep and more energy.
  • Healthy habits for a strong and energetic body at any age
  • Daily suggested routines that will create more space in your day for ease and self-reflection
  • Increase in energy and enthusiasm
  • Improved self-care
  • Lighter body and clearer mind
  • Deeper connections to yourself and others

Embodied Vitality 10-Week Course: $595 (Fire, Air and Summer Special Members receive $100 discount. Email centeryogasuz@gmail.com for your special promo code!)

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About Suzanne:

Suzanne McCahill Perrine, BA, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Yoga & Wellness Guide

Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this, you want to feel good in your body.

My journey into the health and wellness field began in my mid-20’s, though it would take years before it really began to make a profound impact on my life. Fortunately, I have always enjoyed a strong sense of connection to my body and loved moving in all ways and knowing how the body worked. It wasn’t until 2006 that a light went on. I began to dive deep into the study of yoga and immediately understood the need to balance physical health with mental, emotional and spiritual vitality in order to truly thrive. There was no going back.

After hundreds of hours of study in yoga and Ayurveda and thousands of hours teaching yoga, running a bustling studio and leading teacher trainings, it became crystal clear to me that all of us are really looking for the same thing: joy, connection, health, and ease.

And, I believe this is our birthright. I believe that each of us has an intrinsic wisdom to nourish and take care of our body, mind, and heart, but we may not believe it or know how. With simple pieces of wisdom gleaned from the teachings of Ayurveda, yoga and life, we can thrive. We can have more energy. We can experience more ease. It’s simple really. But, it’s not easy. Living in our modern world we are often over-worked, disconnected and separated from our bodies so to combat this takes a willingness to step into our greatness, one small shift at a time.

As a mother of two grown children and a small business owner, I understand the challenges that go with living a busy lifestyle and not remembering to take time for ourselves. It’s so easy to put ourselves last or to think that you’ll start to take care of yourself when there’s more time “tomorrow.”

You know what they say: “When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the second best tim to plant a tree? Today!”

My job is to help get you there with the help of ancient wisdom, modern science, and my own experiences. With the additional help and support of others, we will create connections and lasting change.

Through my special 10-Week Course: Embodied Vitality we will grow and thrive together.