Finding Your OM

with Connie Magee
Thursday, July 12

Why do they do that, anyway? That mysterious vocalization sometimes heard in yoga class…demystified. Join Connie Magee in discovering your voice in OM as we explore many ways to get there. Familiar music, while moving our bodies, opens us to add our voice. A little Pink Floyd, anyone? This yoga practice frees us in body, and we learn to unlock the power of the pose by including OM at critical points. Then, we take it to the mat in a guided meditation practice with Sound Healing, and OM. Gong, Tibetan Singing and Crystal bowls and drum invite us to safely add our voices in layered vibration, which leads you to your OWN SACRED INSTRUMENT to include in your home practice, and your life. You wouldn’t believe how much OM helps during stressful traffic!

Cost: $30.

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