Sound Journey

with Connie Magee

Join Connie Magee for one or all four Sound Journeys to carry you through the winter and to help welcome spring!

Friday, January 11 6:30-8:30
Winter’s Rest Sound Bath
Settle into a warn yoga nest and decompress from the stress of the season and the weight of winter. Our systems need a total reset as often as possible, to stay clean, balanced and flowing. Sound Healing provides this reset with the most powerful and elemental form of energy: pure vibration. Gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums and voice soothe the system, clear the channels, and facilitate deep rest.

Thursday, Feb 14 7:15-9:00
Heart-Centered Sound Journey
Solo? Soul Mates? Everyone’s heart gets a dose of LOVE and LIGHT in this special sound journey in honor of our 4th Chakra. We will enjoy a Chakra Clearing Sound Journey, followed by a journey into the light living within your own heart. Your own source of light, enlivened by healing vibrations. Whether heartbroken or happily-ever-after, you will feel more balance and love after this session. Deep sleep guaranteed.

Thursday, March 14 7:15-9:00
Spring Clean Sound Healing
The Spring transition can come upon us with startling force, when our system’s still sluggish from winter downtime. Gongs, crystals, myriad instruments, as well as sacred chants harmonize brainwaves, clear the Chakras, release physical blockages, and prepare you for the season of re-emergence. We incorporate harmonizing wellness kriyas & pranayama for you to practice at home.

Sunday, April 7 New Moon Soundscape 2:00-4:00
Relax, restore, and reverberate. Sink into the ease of ambient bliss, during this dreamy Gong and Chime Journey. Find your breath, settle in, drift away. Dreamy instruments, elements of Earth, Sky, Water and Wind, sounds that capture the soul of the sky.

$25 each

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