Full Moon Chakra Cleanse

with Connie Magee
Thursday, Nov 2 7:00 – 9:00 PM (or 7:15, 7:30, whatever works)

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Clear out your internal energy system for the upcoming winter months. This workshop focuses on cleansing the Chakras through Pranayama and sound healing with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. The healing clears physical blocks and injuries, disperses inflammation, tension, and release “stuck” emotions, for full system reset. Guided meditation & intention-setting is facilitated by vibrational healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Gentle movement, mantra & mudra center us. Then, spread out in your nest and receive deep, restorative healing in each Chakra, and later enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life. The effects last 3-5 days and grow stronger with each healing experience. No experience necessary. Wear loose, comfy clothes and drink water to prepare.