Harvesting Harmony Meditation and Mala Making Workshop

with Sue Nelson
Saturday, October 13

You’ve seen them in yoga studios. You’ve seen them worn as spiritual jewelry. And you have even seen them held by the Buddha. What are these mysterious bead chains? Where do they come from? Who uses them? And how can they help with meditation?

These special beads are called malas, and they have been in existence for thousands of years. You can find them almost anywhere in the world, although their earliest origins stem from India and Nepal – where meditation has been practiced longest. Today anyone can use mala beads as a way to create calm and peace of mind in everyday life.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will begin with a mantra meditation using pre-made malas, and then we shall guide you through the making of your very own 108-bead un-knotted gemstone mala.

The perfect gift for the Budding Meditator in you…or someone you Love!

All supplies will be provided to create your mala though you are welcome to bring your own beads if you prefer. No experience necessary!

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Cost is $50.