Heal Ancestral Trauma: Liberate Yourself

with Sarita-Linda Rocco, Yoga & Ayurveda Professional
Saturday, February 27, 2021 1-3:00 pm ET (online)

We are forever connected to our ancestors. Ancestral memory is embedded in our vital tissues. Understanding how and why heals our personal and generational trauma. Their trauma is our trauma unless we release the negative karmic ties. Many people go through life carrying ancestral burdens without realizing it. This can manifest as anxiety, depression, illness, fear, and pain. Recognizing and mitigating ancestral trauma clears the path for our true-life mission (dharma).

In this online workshop, you’ll learn practices to balance and increase your capacity for joy and abundance by releasing self-defeating patterns rooted in ancestral karma.

Includes lecture, practices, sharing.

Sarita-Linda Rocco is a Yoga & Ayurveda professional who now teaches online worldwide. Sarita has trained Ayurvedic practitioners for Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in the practices of Food, Breath, Sound, Women’s Health, and Spirituality. She assisted Maya Tiwari, author, and founder, in her work of Honoring the Ancestors. This work transformed her life and career significantly. She also practices Vaidya RK Mishra SVA Ayurveda. Sarita currently mentors’ students in Cate Stillman’s Living Ayurveda Course and shares a fusion of all she has learned.

After 22 years in the industry, Sarita can’t help but see life from an Ayurvedic/Yogic perspective. Her life’s work is to support student’s exploration of health, wellness, and evolution through this lens.

Sarita is certified through Wise Earth School as a Master Teacher and received the prestigious Sadhaka Adept award for her Ayurveda work within the school and in her community. She is also certified and a practitioner of SVA Ayurveda. Sarita holds advanced certifications in 3 schools of yoga, currently specializing in teaching Svaroopa Yoga.

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