Healing Fire & Connecting to Life

with Tilak Pyle
Saturday, September 30

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Healing Fire: Personal Empowerment and the Gateway to the Heart
In yogic physiology the belly holds the energy center for personal empowerment and growth. It also holds the demons of doubt, negativity, anxiety, and fear. This workshop will utilize yoga’s most powerful tools for personal growth, providing the opportunity to compassionately see and release self limitations and experience greater freedom and love. This class will be vigorous and challenging, in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. Come ready to look clearly, feel deeply, play intensely, and love fearlessly. There are places inside that will thank you!

Connecting to Life: Yoga as a Spiritual Practice
Yoga was developed as a science to connect us with the truth of who we are. But without this essential context “yoga” can change from a deeply personal and transformative experience to a superficial exercise. In this session we will use the ancient yogic practices of asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, and yoga nidra to discover a more meaningful connection with our bodies, deepen our self-understanding, and experience more joy in being alive.

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