Healing The World With Vibration

with Dan & Laura Martier
Monday, August 26, 7:00-8:30pm

Heal yourself, heal the world. It starts with you. Something magical happens when we combine sound frequency with intent. The mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is said to be able to cut across time and space and send healing energy to someone thousands of miles away. In this journey we will set a collective intention to use the vibrational field we co-create through breath, planetary gongs, hand pan, crystal and Tibetan bowls, voice and other instruments as a conduit for a larger offering. Through the receiving of sound and vibration we will trigger a deep relaxation response, slowing down the brainwave state to the optimum level for the body and mind to heal itself so together, we can send our vibrations out into the world where they are needed.


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About Dan & Laura

A Sound Journey experience with Dan and Laura is unlike any other of its kind. Together, they bring 35 years of musical collaboration and a deep love for one another to each symphonic immersion; using voice, hang drum, gongs, crystal bowls and a vast array of sound making instruments with deft precision, professionalism and beauty. Each Sound Journey is played entirely on natural instruments using no electronics or recordings.

Laura’s voice has been described as “angelic” and “otherworldly” and her improvisations and beautiful melodies melt into her singing bowls and Dans sensitive Hang Drum playing.

Laura studied with Gong Master Don Conreaux, Shanti Sounds Costa Rica, Jai Uttal and many others over her 35 year career. Laura is also a Jazz recording artist on vsojazz Records, and a principle singer with the Virginia Symphony Jazz Orchestra. In 2107 Laura, an ERYT200, founded The Well Yoga Co-op on The Outer Banks of North Carolina, a Cooperative space dedicated to collaborative community. Dan Martier is a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, composer and teacher based out of
coastal Carolina who is sought after for his adept handling of a wide range of musical styles and instruments. For almost a decade Martier has been touring extensively with Tim Reynolds and TR3 through the United States, Canada and Brazil. Martier’s drumming is intuitive, improvisational and with a masterful sensitivity toward his collaborators. Martier also plays a Meinl Sonic Energy Hand Pan, hand drums, Paiste gongs and a variety of other sound making instruments that inspire a heart opening transcendent experience.

Dan has also studied with Don Conreaux and Shanti Sounds Costa Rica.

“I was immediately struck by the emotional sincerity, technical precision and artistic subtlety of Laura’s singing.” Tom Robotham, Portfolio Weekly

“Martiers voice is an engaging mix of sharp turns, soft folds and blunt edges…” Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

“Martier’s voice is a jaded music lovers dream”. Sue Vanhecke, Virginian Pilot

“Gentle, lyrical and calming, the combined notes and lyrics lull the room into a quiet place…” Donna Hatch, The Coast