Intro to Sanskrit & Understanding Meditation

Join Tilak Pyle for two workshops that will take you deep into the heart of Yoga.
Saturday, January 5

Intro to Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the beautiful and ancient language of Yoga. Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to pronounce asana names and yoga terms correctly, or a student in love with the sacred sounds of Sanskrit chanting, this introductory workshop will significantly benefit your understanding and experience within the tradition. This workshop will teach you the unique mouth positions, pronunciation, and the current transliteration schema of each letter. By the end you will be able to recognize familiar words and correctly pronounce any Sanskrit words you come across!

Understanding Meditation

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, benefit cardiovascular and immune health, and improve concentration. It is also the perfect mirror to increase self-awareness, reveal our mental habits, and provide the opportunity for unconditional self-acceptance. This practical workshop will cover the main types of meditation, basic postures, meditation aids, and introduce a variety of specific meditation practices. Teachers will also learn ways to introduce meditation in a public class setting.Appropriate for all levels.

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Each workshop is $35 by December 31/ $40 after and at the door. Together, both workshops are only $65.