Kundalini Yoga Fridays

with Siri Amrita


These sessions will be taught two Fridays most months in 2020. Classic Kundalini Yoga (as Taught by Yogi Bhajan) with enough time built in for a deep, regenerative savasana. We will dive deeply into core teachings using kriya, mantra and pranayama. Each practice will intentionally guide us to rich inner experience. The overall aim is to promote vitality, allow healing and affirm joy.

Two Fridays each month:
January 24
Feb: 7th, 21st
Mar: 6th, 20th
April: 10th, 24th
May: 8th, 22nd
June: 5th, 19th
July: 10th, 24th
No classes in August
Sept: 11th, 25th
Oct: 9th, 23rd
Nov: 6th, 20th
Dec: 4th, 18th

COST: $25

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