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Bita Jenkins, M.D., E-RYT500

Bita has been practicing and studying yoga since 1976. She has completed teacher training with The Yoga Center of Columbia, Willow Street Yoga, and has been studying with various master teachers. Since completing her teacher certification in 2007, she has been teaching at The Yoga Center of Columbia and Willow Street Yoga and has continued her studies and teachings. Bita’s strength as a teacher comes from her strength in practice first and foremost, continuing to shift and grow with the teachings. Bita’s emphasis in teacher training is to provide, empower and assist each student to not only deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga, but of themselves. She inspires them to cultivate, explore and thrive on their journey. Her intention is to offer down to earth techniques and ways to incorporate them into our daily lives to help minimize stress, heal our bodies, and focus our minds. Practicing and teaching yoga open our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit. Self-transformation and awakening within has guided Bita to teach from a place of love, respect and integrity.

Website: pravassa.com/guides/bita-jenkins