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Ren Oliver

Ren Oliver began practicing yoga in 2011 with Suzanne Perrine while transitioning into single motherhood and found that it offered a steadiness and a grace that carried itself with her far beyond the mat. She became a registered yoga teacher in 2019 and believes that yoga should be served in a non-judgmental, resiliency-building, and heart-centered environment. Her classes often incorporate thoughtful sequencing with breathwork and meditation to help facilitate a connection to the physical and spiritual self. She loves all styles of yoga but personally practices vinyasa flow and hatha yoga in her home practice and with her teachers. Ren is a graduate from JMU in business administration and has a strong appreciation for the pursuit of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and art in all forms. She is the mother of three children and wife to one pretty amazing dude.

“Balance, flexibility, strength: these are the things we practice on the mat; life balance, situational flexibility, strength of character: these are the things we take with us off the mat.” – Ren