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Sarah Lopacinski

Sarah grew up here in the valley on a dairy farm with six sisters. She came to yoga in 2003 as a New Year’s resolution. Initially, it was all about flat abs and sculpted arms, but it was enlightening what continued practice did for her as it improved her mood, sleep habits and stress level. It was through sweat, yoga and meditation that she was able to heal emotionally and physically after her late husband’s cancer battle. In 2012, she received her 200 hour yoga certification from Epic Yoga in Brentwood, Tennessee and taught several classes there a week as well as workshops on using essential oils. Sarah is also certified to teach children through Next Generation Kids Yoga. She has been a public school teacher for twenty-six years and is mom to Aaron and Lauren, both college students. After her experience as a caregiver to her husband, Sarah created a website with yoga video, meditations and an app of meditations specifically for cancer patients. You can access the free site through www.peacefulplaceonline.com. In her spare time, Sarah writes a blog ( www.carvingoutmyname.com ) and loves cooking and spending time with her loved ones. Sarah inherently believes that all things are possible if you intend them to be: laughter, love and joy will always triumph over despair.