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Tilak Pyle

Tilak teaches yoga as a deep, intuitive practice of awareness. His teaching style is influenced by his work with Yoga Master Sri Swami Satchidananda, renowned Freedom Style teacher Erich Schiffmann, Sufi Master Asha Greer, and a continuous dedication to the Teacher within.

Tilak holds degrees in Religious Studies, Literature & Religion, and has studied Sanskrit at the American Sanskrit Institute with Vyaas Houston and at the University of Virginia. In 2005, he released his acclaimed DVD Yoga: Altar of the Heart, and is the author of The Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide.

Tilak teaches weekly yoga classes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and leads national workshops and international retreats.

He is known for his presence, sincerity, and unflinching commitment to authentic sharing. His joy is facilitating meaningful experiences in the lives of his students.

Tilak Pyle