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The Center Yoga Work Trade & Scholarship Program


In the spirit of seva, or service, The Center Yoga is delighted to offer work trade opportunities as well as scholarships made possible through our community outreach project, The Love Project. We believe yoga is a practice that should be available to everyone, regardless of perceived challenges or obstacles, including financial hardship. If you are on a limited income, a current student, temporarily unemployed, or have other financial limitations, you may apply for either or both of these programs. Work trade is available on a class-by-class basis, while scholarships offer recipients the opportunity to study yoga more in depth through class memberships. To be considered for a scholarship program, please complete our brief application below. For work trade application, please see the “Work Trade” description for more information.

Who Can Apply

Scholarships are open to individuals that are interested in starting or deepening their existing yoga practice, turning around their health, or investing in a vibrant and supportive yoga community. We are seeking applicants who display a sincere interest in the yoga practice, a passion for growth and development, as well as the motivation to attend studio classes regularly (at least twice per week.)

Work Trade

We have a limited number of work trade opportunities available. These trades involve cleaning and/or front desk assistance at the studio in exchange for drop-in class passes. One hour of work trade = one drop-in class. Please contact suzanne@thecenterdowntown.org to inquire about work trade availability.


The Center Yoga offers scholarships to encourage any individuals eager to dive deeply into their study and practice of yoga through monthly class memberships. Age, level, or experience is unimportant in the application–we’re interested in hearing why you’re passionate about practicing yoga! We offer three tiers (listed below), so applicants can choose the level of commitment that works for their lifestyle. There are a limited number of scholarships available, so we ask that applicants select the option that is most suitable and realistic for their schedules, availability, and level of commitment.

We look forward to finding candidates who are interested in being a part of our loving, supportive, vibrant kula, or community of the heart, at The Center!

Apply Here!

Tier I:
20-class pack ($220 value)

Tier II:
Unlimited Monthly Membership ($89/month value) for Three Months

Tier III:
Unlimited Annual Membership ($949 value) for One Year

How to Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

Current full-paying students have the option of adding $5 to their class package to contribute to the scholarship fund. Additionally, our monthly yoga discussion group, Seeking the Sacred, is donation-based, with all proceeds going toward The Love Project’s scholarship fund. We also offer special benefit classes and workshops throughout the year to generate funding for scholarships and outreach.

Deadline for Application

We review scholarships every Spring and Fall. Spring deadline is March 30th; Fall, October 30th. If your scholarship is not selected for the Spring or Fall season, you are welcome to re-submit your application by the next deadline for consideration.