Self-Care for Steadiness, Resilience, & Ease

August 2-23  / Online
Tuesdays 12-1:00 ET: Weekly Meetings around the topics: Rest, Digest, Move, Breathe, Sense, Align
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 7:00-7:30 am ET: Yoga & Meditation

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We are all continually working through challenges in our lives. How it’s affecting our inner and outer worlds may be unique to each of us, but we’re all connected by a shared human experience. Especially since 2020! And, over the course of our years of working hard, raising kids, adapting to one change after another, or taking care of others, we might feel a little depleted.

In our moving forward and trying to figure out what is next all the time, we sometimes forget to pause, take a breath, and deeply listen to what our body, mind, and spirit are calling out for.

Some of us may even have some habits or conditions that have crept in and are no longer serving us:

  • noticing more stress, anxiety, irritability, or sadness
  • not sleeping soundly or not getting adequate rest
  • eating too much or too often
  • eating foods that make us feel sluggish or deplete us of energy
  • over-indulging in sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or some other addictive substances
  • digestive issues
  • not take time for yourself!

So, what if you took just 4-weeks to pause and recalibrate – shake things up as you take care of yourself?

Through the teachings of Ayurveda, we can learn to harness energy to make us more powerful and resilient, and adaptable. Slowly, we can build our inner reserves of strength and adaptability so we don’t as easily become depleted. We reignite our inner luster.

This unique course is for you. It’s just 6-weeks. And you’re worth it. You may discover you absolutely love how you feel.

This online course includes:

  • 6 weekly meetups that will be part teaching, part coaching, and part discussion
  • 11 early morning yoga and meditation classes.
  • All content will be recorded and participants may access recordings if they miss any of the content or want to revisit the class.
  • Participants will also receive a manual/handouts they can view online or print out as needed.

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