Sound Healing Workshops

Friday, April 10 6-8pm – Sacred Sound Healing – $25
We honor the sacredness in all beings and invite you to bring your own sense of spirituality to this devotional sound healing. Your mat becomes your altar- sacred space, adorned with flowers, crystals, figurines, medallions-whatever connects you to the divine. Call forth your own inner healer. Our gentle movement practice will include devotional poses, we will use our breath and voices to connect to higher energies, and settle into a sound journey beyond measure. Ocean and Sky will be summoned by the gongs, and layers of sound enveloping the experience.

Friday, May 8 6:00-8:00pm – Working with Sacred Tools – $25
Supercharge your sacred tools and personal altar! Connie empowers you with techniques for clearing, infusing intention and incorporating ritual into your sacred practice. This workshop is suitable for those with all experience levels- even if you’re just starting to yearn for your own sacred space & process. Creating intentional sacred space, with intentional items, is an anchor for your home meditation & yoga practice. We will work with fire, water, sun, moon, plant life, voice and vibration and prayer/mantra. Gongs, singing bowls and other instruments will be used throughout, and we will end with a deep gong bath. Bring your crystals, stones, malas, statuettes…anything you wish to incorporate into your personal sacred space.

Thursday, June 18 7:00-9:00pm – Lucid Dreaming & Meditation – $25
Practice “building the muscles” via meditation, to engage your spiritual and etheric journeys. Sound is the supreme catalyst for spiritual activation; Connie offers guidance in creating a focused meditation to activate the 3rd eye (Ajna chakra) and the etheric body. Our meditation will be an exploration into the 3rd Eye, grounding and expanding techniques, creating safe, sacred dream space and working with guides. As the body rests and repairs, the spirit and consciousness expand. Learn practices for your daily life that will enhance your dreamtime journeys and healing. This container for this experience will be waves of a gong bath, deepening to attain Theta brainwave state.

Saturday, July 11 6:00-8:00pm – Sound & Silence – $25
We explore the balance of intensity with stillness; penetrating vibrational healing with silence and space; yin and yang; movement and repose. Connie leads us in the connected fullness of Breathwork with retention (Kumbhaka), asana/stillness and vibration/silence. As we explore the fullness and the emptiness of each moment, we learn to find balance in the neutral center of Self. Gongs, chimes and percussion instruments provide the sound container. No experience necessary.

Thursday, Aug 6th 7:00-9:00pm – Sigil & Sound – $25
Create a personal power symbol, activate it and imbue it with powerful sound vibrations. Connie lead us into an extended mantra practice via art expression, voice expression, movement expression and a deep, powerful gong bath. We will create our sigils, charge them during the workshop, then we burn them (outside) for total activation. What is a Sigil? We distill a sentence or phrase into a unique symbol or seal. A simple graphic that consolidates the power of your desire and encoded with your own positive energy. Fire is the element of transformation, and thus activates the power of your symbol. This workshop will help you empower your home altar and meditation practice. No experience necessary! Bring favorite pens or markers; paper will be provided.

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