Sound Healing Workshops

Sound Healing Workshops

with Connie Magee

Scent & Sound
Saturday, May 11

An immersive sensory experience! Essential oils aligned with each Chakra, during a blissful guided mediation and body integration. Connie takes you on a tour of your core energetics: overlaying the Chakras with Chinese Medicine Meridians, and activate these with self-massage and powerful oil essences. Alignment, connection, integration. Tibetan bowls tuned to each Chakra and 2 huge gongs dissolve you into bliss. Cost $39

Summer Shimmer Gong & Chime Bath
Thursday, June 13

Illuminating sounds dissolve any stress and strife in your system. Connie leads you in gentle movement, inspired meditation and a trip to the ether with gong & chimes. Midsummer never felt so soothing. No experience necessary. You’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter and completely aligned. Cost $25

Summertime Chillout
Friday, July 12

Cool your jets in this flowing, trance-inducing movement and sound healing meditation. At the height of summer, our internal resources can become drained. Soothing vibrations melt away the frazzle; brainwaves are entrained to harmonic frequencies. The result is a centered self, a calm mind and deep, restful sleep. Cost $25

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