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Weather Updates Here

When the weather outside looks frightful, we will try to make announcements about cancelations at least 60-90 minutes beforehand. You can also check our Facebook page, too.

Monday 1/25:   As we adapt to our ever-changing environment, we make adjustments to our schedule. We are canceling our Monday morning Yoga & Meditation class but we still have our $7 Community Class at noon. Check back for our evening schedule. Stay safe and warm. Namaste! 

What is Ice House Studios?

Nearly two years ago, Suzanne discovered that the historic Ice House in downtown Harrisonburg was to be renovated into a very cool mixed-media space. The idea of moving The Center to such a space intrigued her. What if The Center could be a part of this great boost for our increasingly vibrant downtown? What if the special energy of The Center united with other downtown, like-minded businesses and local talents?

icehouse-2So, Suzanne called Rebekah from Breathe Pilates, and she quickly saw the vision, too. As a team, could Suzanne and Rebekah bring The Center and Breathe Pilates under one roof to offer our wonderful city even more ways to feel connected, inspired, and healthy? Within weeks, connections were made, many of cups of tea consumed, and plans were put into place. And because the Ice House renovations offered the promise of a blank canvas in which to build, they also could include massage therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic health offerings. Could all of these passions come together and create place where people could come feel welcomed, nurtured, inspired, and challenged? Absolutely! And so we created ‘Ice House Studios’, an umbrella under which The Center and Breathe Pilates could run side-by-side along with bodywork practitioners, yoga therapists and other lovers of alternative health – all in a stunningly renovated industrial space. You will still find the Yoga and Nia classes you love. You can schedule massage and acupuncture sessions, yoga therapy, Thai Yoga

ice-houseBodywork, and attend classes and workshops of all kinds. You can train on a reformer or take a your favorite Pilates or Barre class. But you can do it all under one roof. We can’t wait to see you at Ice House Studios.

The Center will be waiting for you. Enjoy the classes you love. See the people who make you smile, get a hug, get strong, and feel the love.

See you in our beautiful new location in early
January 2015!

More information visit: icehouselove.com

Student Story from The Center: Matt Batton

Come to The Center on any given day and you’ll probably meet Matt. An extremely kind and dedicated student, find out how his journey started and has blossomed into something incredible.


“What I like about The Center is the variety of instruction, the different instructors and the different types of classes that are offered… I feel better now than I did ten years ago; and I look better! I’m learning, it’s the whole “process” thing; it’s putting me [in] the process of just being calmer. I tend towards [being] high strung, that’s my nature… and yoga is helping just to pull back, to respond and not react… Action and re-action, phew! That’s hard for me… But what I [learn] here I can take out of here [into my life]… I definitely get in touch with that unknown “whatever it is” here… And whatever it is, it’s working and it seems to be working for a lot of people. I feel at home here… The teachers and the community of students just go [together]. I can’t overstate that aspect of it.”

Matt Batton is our current featured “Student of The Center”. Curious about what else he has to say? Read the rest here or even better, stop by the studio to say hi, have a great class,  and meet him and other fantastic students!

Have something to say about The Center? Let us know! We’d love to chat.

Photo credit: Brian Ripley Photography


I really like The Center for giving me challenging and enriching yoga but also being at the human level. – Becca

Welcome to The Center of downtown Harrisonburg.  A place to feel safe, encouraged, and challenged since 2006.  A place to be with neighbors.  Make friends. Feel connected.  We have the most well-trained, devoted, and top instructors in the area and offer the most wide range of Yoga styles for yogis of all levels and ages.  We passionately understand that Yoga offers all bodies the chance to feel stronger, more balanced, and more comfortable.  Even more importantly, we know how Yoga can improve your overall sense of peacefulness.  Come visit.  Enjoy your journey to the center.