The Clash of the Kleshas

with Moses Brown
Saturday, April 9
9-12 and 2-5


Klesha is a Sanskrit word that essentially means those feelings of doubt that obscure clarity or certainty and leave us with a sense of confusion, misperception, and misunderstanding.

Many sports take place on fields. Baseball takes place on a baseball field. Yoga takes place within the field of our awareness. This field of awareness is subject to all sorts of clashes.

We experience them in various ways such as; doubting our ability to do it, confusion about how we are doing it, and misunderstandings about why we are doing it at all!

It almost seems as though doubt, confusion, and misunderstanding are conspiring to knock us off balance!

Life also compels each of us to assume all sorts of different postures within which we feel those shadows of doubt, confusion and misunderstanding. Those feelings limit our sense of skill amidst life’s challenges.

We often feel off-balance!

Learning about The Kleshas allows us to act more knowledgeably. This knowledge compels us to use the skills we develop through our yoga practice and enlivens our sense of purpose regardless of what field we find ourselves on, baseball, yoga, or the field of life. All of them require our focus and attention so we remain mindfully aware, skillful, and well balanced throughout life’s challenges.

Knowing how to do that is Yoga!
Moses BrownMoses Brown is a Certified Yoga Teacher who has been teaching throughout MD since 1991. He
also leads Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Immersion Programs. Moses believes that yoga should be a heart-opening experience that is both supportive as well as empowering to the student. His teachings create an approach that are physically dynamic, mentally stimulating, and therapeutic. Moses brings focus, concentration, and mindfulness to his classes, weaving them together with playfulness, joy, and FUN!!

*These workshops will include discussion, some meditation, and a little bit of asana, Moses style. Expect to laugh leave with a new perspective and appreciation for yoga and life.

$108 (unlimited members of The Center receive 10% off.)

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