Wheels of Life: A 7-Week Chakra Series

with Rachel Hupp
Wednesdays, March 31 – May 12
7-8:30 pm ET Online

Discover how to balance, retune, and align your chakras in 7-weeks so you can thrive physically, spiritually, and emotionally!

Did you know that your chakras are powerful energy sources within your body and that when they are in balance, they can enable you to open your heart to love and forgiveness, tap into your intuition, and feel more confident and in tune with every aspect of your life?

In this 7-week series, you’ll discover how to:

  • Tune into your physical and energetic body and release negative energy
  • Nourish each of the 7 chakras and tap into the power each one holds for you
  • Use affirmations to support each chakra and open yourself to positive energy

Join the 7-Week Chakra Series and Enjoy More Balance

Participants will receive a weekly tracker and handouts for this special course.

You won’t want to miss this!


* Recordings will be available in case participants can’t make it to a gathering.