Winter Wellness Sound Healing & Gong Bath

with Connie Magee
Saturday, December 29

Balance your whole system for the coming winter months. Our restorative yoga and sound healing meditation workshop provides the system reset you are looking for, to carry you through the season. Tibetan and crystal bowls create sacred geometry in our tissues, brainwaves and energetic layers. The result is a journey through your own consciousness, while the body received healing down to the cellular level. This 5000 year-old therapy profoundly affects the nervous system. Divine vibrations of Tibetan Singing bowls enables you to enter a deep, alpha-theta brainwave state, in which healing is stimulated at the cellular level. Resonating with the eternal sound of the planet- AUM- Tibetan singing bowls provide meditative, therapeutic & transformational healing. Flow into Fall with clarity. No experience necessary. Wear loose, comfy clothes and drink water to prepare.

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