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Prenatal Yoga

8-Weeks with Liz Chenevey
September 7 - October 26
Saturdays 9:30-11:00am

This series will explore the many mind/body/spirit benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Through flowing sequences, specific postures, breath work, and caring attention to certain areas of the body, prenatal yoga can help you find physical comfort during pregnancy and better prepare the body for a functional birth experience.

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Workshops with Connie Magee

Saturday, September 14, 6-8pm
Heal Thyself, Self-Massage, Guided Sound Meditation and Personal Ritual

Saturday, September 21 6-8:00pm
Yoga-puncture & Reiki with Connie & Gerry

Thursday, November 7 7:15-9:00pm
Sensory Cleanse Meditation

Thursday, December 5 7:15-9:00pm
Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Sound Healing

Sunday, Dec 29 2:00-4:00pm
Year End Sound Cleanse

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Yoga Foundations

6-Weeks with Keri Sue Brunk
Thursdays, September 19 - October 24

Are you curious about yoga and wondered what all the talk was about? Do you feel unsure but that voice inside your head is urging you to go for it?

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Kundalini Yoga for Vitality, Stress Relief and Recovery

with Siri Amrita
8-Weeks, Sundays, 3-4:30pm, September 29-November 17

This 8 week Sunday series can help you rebuild your stamina, vitality and inner/outer wellbeing. The techniques taught will provide a pathway to deep relaxation, stress-reduction and improvement of sleep quality which is where all authentic healing begins.

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Cold Weather Chats: Workshops and Talks for Warm You Up!

Get Cozy & Stay Healthy
October 19 & October 28
Sweater weather is here! As the temperature drops and breezes blow, do you ever feel scattered or over-stimulated? This can really put a strain on our immune system as it struggles to keep us healthy.

Holiday Survival Guide
November 14

Anyone else out there feel overwhelmed over the holidays with so much abundance? We may love the celebrations, fun events and lively gatherings, but sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

Eat Earlier (and Feel like a superhero!)
December 10 & December 14

Do you ever wake up feeling achy, sluggish, or fuzzy headed? Well, if you it could be what you ate last night! The time of day we eat and has a direct correlation on how well we digest food, This can play a huge role in how we feel when you wake up! Ready to leap tall buildings?

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Gentle is the New Advanced

with J. Brown Yoga
Saturday November 2

Session 1: “Introduction and Context” - 9:00-12:00pm
Session 2: “The Ideas That Make it Work” - 2:00-5:00pm

Yoga teacher, writer, and podcaster J. Brown is leading the way in the Slow Yoga Revolution, advocating for more intimate, breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practices.

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Hidden Meaning: Zentangle

with Jennifer Mattaei Cottrell
November 17, from 1-3:00

Zentangle is a meditative art form with a relaxed focus to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns called tangles. There is no right or wrong in Zentangle® (just beauty).

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Self Love & Following Your Heart

with Niki Bruce & Stuart Bishop
Saturday, December 7

Together we’ll cultivate a deeper sense of love for ourselves and learn to trust our intuition. Following our hearts can be scary, but that fear is there to remind us that we are alive.

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