Workshops for Quarantine with Brienne Brown

Four Saturdays in February
10:30-12:30pm EST

Slow Your Roll – Battling Zoom Fatigue – Feb. 6
Everything is online these days! Even doing yoga seems like a chore. Join Brienne for a livestream class working with core strengthening and shoulder opening postures that take the stress out of the neck and back. We will explore some restorative postures that can be achieved with two blocks and a strap. A blanket is also recommended. After we’ve worked out the kinks, enjoy a guided yoga nidra meditation to seal the deal and add energy to your day.

Cracking the Code – Finding Depth in the Basics – Feb. 13
Join Brienne for a livestream class working with basic postures to clarify principles and techniques that apply directly to more challenging poses. By linking advanced poses with basic poses, students and teachers learn intelligent and progressive approaches to explore their limits and increase their capacities slowly over time. Props include two blocks and a strap.

Hips Don’t Lie – Targeting Hips & Low Back Pain – Feb. 20
Weak hip muscles are often the hidden cause of lower back pain. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is particularly damaging, as it shortens and tightens the hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves while weakening our abdominals, back muscles, outer hips, and glutes. This livestream class will focus on strong hip alignment, some gentle core strengthening, and gentle backbending to finish everything off. You will leave with knowledge of short mat-less breaks that you can utilize near your desk during the day.

Build Better Backbends – Creating Strength in the Core and Posterior Chain – Feb. 27
Hate backbends? Yup, we’re with you. However, backbends done correctly reduce anxiety and stress, improve posture and spine mobility, and increase oxygen levels. This livestream class will focus on strengthening the muscles of the back, shoulders, and spine so that you can do the backbend appropriate for your body and get all the benefits, no matter how shallow or deep you go. Two blocks and strap strongly recommended. If you have a firm bolster, modifications will be offered.

Brienne Brown is BACK!
Brienne is a professor at the University of Wisconsin and teaches yoga, meditation, and stress reduction classes in the health education and kinesiology department. She has been teaching yoga since 1995 and is a 500+hour registered yoga teacher with training under the honorable Patabhi Jois, his son Manju Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar, David Swenson, Sharon Moon, Leslie Lytle, Ph.D., Judith Lasater, Ph.D., Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, and Christina Sell. In past lives, she was a geopolitics editor and a chronic disease epidemiologist. Now she devotes her time to her family, rescue LabraDane, teaching 3 yoga classes a day, and trying to top her reading record of 78 books last year.

$25 for one workshop or just $80 for all FOUR in the series!

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