Workshops with Connie Magee

Friday, October 11 7-9:00pm ($25)
Heal Thyself
Self-Massage, Guided Sound Meditation and Personal Ritual

Join Connie for a night of personal transformation. True healing and transformation occurs when we draw upon ourselves as the source. Our bodies, minds, and spirits came hard-wired with all the healing capabilities we need. Learn to tap your own personal healing potential during this deep, guided process of self-massage, personal healing ritual, movement and breathwork, immersed in sound healing with Gong and Tibetan & Crystal bowls, shakers and drums. Connie draws upon her years as a multimodality healer and teacher to guide you in discovering and cultivating your personal connection to Self. Bring personal crystals or other sacred items.

Saturday, September 21 6-8:00pm ($50)
Yoga-puncture & Reiki with Connie & Gerry
A special collaboration with two gifted healers and teachers. This sound healing meditation will also include Reiki by Connie Magee & Gerry Stowers and auricular (ear) acupuncture during an deliciously extended Savasana. Connie leads us through an autonomic nervous system reset process and meditation. Gongs, chimes & singing bowls create sacred geometry within, aided by the energy-balancing of auricular acupuncture by NADA certified student Gerry Stowers.

Thursday, November 7 7:15-9:00pm ($25)
Sensory Cleanse Meditation
Feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, overexposed? Walking in your own Dark Night of the Soul? Learn how to cultivate a powerful transformation in these times of turmoil. Together we learn and utilize the yogic disciplines of Pranayama (breath & energy cultivation), Pratyahara (inward attention, toward silence) Dharana (focusing attention), and Dhyana (sustaining awareness). Darkness and stillness are the fertile ground for true transformation. During this special workshop focusing on clearing the sensory orifices (eyes, ears, nose, mouth), we engage specific cleansing processes (Kriyas), vibrations, transformational breathwork and optional plant medicines.

Thursday, December 5 7:15-9:00pm ($38)
Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Sound Healing
Cacao is a superfood plant medicine offered in sacred ceremony. This ancient Mayan sacrament has been used for centuries to open the heart chakra, expand consciousness and full-body presence. The empathogenic drink offers a shift in mood and improved cognitive function, by way of its inherent Anandamide, the “bliss chemical.” Learn the many nutritional benefits of ceremonial-grade cacao, as we sit in candlelit ceremony, with heart-opening Gong and crystal bowl meditation. Perfect attitude adjustment for the holidays! Bring your own favorite mug.

Sunday, Dec 29 2:00-4:00pm ($25)
Year End Sound Cleanse
Winter gets heavy on us and the holiday hubbub can be draining…plug into source energy with the cleanest Medicine there is: sound. Gongs create a womb-like vortex, where you can surrender the weight of the season; Tibetan singing bowls tuned to the chakras realign your internal energy, and heavenly chimes, bells and other tinkling things spirit you into a bliss state.

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